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Travel information plane

Airport Leipzig-Halle
The Leipzig-Halle Airport scheduled flight timetable offers 192 weekly flights to 14 European and German destinations, operated by 6 airlines.
Just check at: http://www.leipzig-halle-airport.de

Airport terminal

Leipzig-Halle Airport is situated 18 km north-west of Leipzig, near the Schkeuditz motorway intersection. It can thus easily be reached from the motorways A14 and A9. Shuttle services: There is a large number of shuttle services linking the Airport with all the major towns in the region: The Airport Express, operated by Deutsche Bahn (German Railways), runs from Leipzig Main Station and Halle/Saale Main Station, with a journey time to the Airport Station of 14 and 16 minutes, respectively. IC trains from the directions of Hannover, Magdeburg, Halle and Dresden stop at the Airport every hour, which makes coming and going by rail extremely convenient.

By taxi:
There are taxi stands in front of Terminal B and in the city centres of Halle and Leipzig, e.g. in front of the main railway stations. It takes you about 30 minutes to travel from Leipzig Main Station. The journey from Leipzig main station to the airport will be about 30.00 .

Airport railroad station

By train:
Since the end of 2002, Leipzig/Halle Airport can directly be reached by the Airport Express of German Railways. The trains shuttle between Leipzig main station and the airport station in a 30-minutes-cycle. The journey lasts 14 minutes, including a stop at the new fairgrounds of the Leipzig Trade Fair.

Airport Altenburg-Nobitz
From the Airport Altenburg-Nobitz, which is situated in the County Altenburger Land, you can reach different destinations in Europe. There are scheduled flights, every day with Ryanair from Altenburg-Nobitz to London-Stansted and vice versa. There are also charter flights to Bratislava.
Just check at: http://www.flughafen-altenburg.de

By bus:
Shuttle-Service between the Airport and Altenburg, Borna and Leipzig Station

By train:
Regular railway connection between Altenburg and Leipzig Station

Travel information train

You can reach Leipzig by railway. The main railway station is located in the city center of Leipzig. The new railway station is a facinating attractive area with a big shopping mall.

The Hauptbahnhof (Main Station) of Leipzig is not only interesting due to its monumental dimensions, but also due to a number of smaller technological advances that were made during its construction. These advances were crucial in setting the stage for the later development of reinforced concrete structural design. The vault of the entrance hall spanned 34 m, had a projected total length of 273 m and a height of 29 m. Its axis was perpendicular to the 26 railroad tracks and 203 m long platforms.


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