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The conference will be held in Leipzig. Conference Location will be the pentahotel Leipzig.

pentahotel Leipzig

Großer Brockhaus 3
04103 Leipzig
Telefon: ++49 (0) 341-1292-0
Telefax: ++49 (0) 341-1292-800
E-mail: info.leipzig@pentahotels.com
Homepage: pentahotel Leipzig

For more information about Leipzig please visit www.leipzig.de.

About the City of Leipzig

Tour the city of Leipzig, and you can´t fail to sense the city´s unique atmosphere. Having long played an important role in Europe´s commercial and intellectual history, the city´s glorious past and its current renaissance are equally palpable. And as the 21st century gathers pace, Leipzig is known as one of the most dynamic cities in Europe.

The lively heart of the city comprises its historical centre, encircled by a green promenade indicating where the fortifications used to be. In c. 1165, the small settlement originally here was granted town and market privileges banning fairs from being held within a radius of a mile which would have detracted from trade there. This was a crucial element within the town´s growth into a centre of commerce. The development of the Leipzig Fair went hand in hand with the city´s growing prosperity.

The arts and learning benefited from the generosity of a populace ever receptive to new ideas. Leipzig´s museums, for example, were orginally founded on the basis of private collections and donations.

The University of Leipzig, one of Germany´s oldest centres of learning, soon attracted students from all over Europe. Geothe, the father of german literature, studied in Leipzig, deferentially describing the city as a "Little Paris".

In the 20th century, Leipzig developed into a city of European sature with a formative influence on commerce, technology, science and the arts. And its political importance was underlined in autumn 1989 when mass demonstrations ushered in the Peaceful Revolution, which in turn paved the way for German reunification in 1990.



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