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The Aim of the Conference

This conference is the ninth conference in a series of industrial conferences on Data Mining that will be held on yearly basis. Experts from different fields will present their applications and the results obtained by applying data mining. New methods and theories developed for specific applications will be presented as well. Besides that, newcomers in the field can get a fast introduction to Data Mining by taking the tutorial running in connection with the conference. In a problem/solution hour you will have the opportunity to present your application and ask for support by others or for cooperation in solving the problem.

Program Committee


Petra Perner

IBaI Leipzig, Germany

Klaus-Peter Adlassnig

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe

ENBIS, Amsterdam

Klaus-Dieter Althoff

University of Hildesheim, Germany

Chid Apte

IBM Yorktown Heights, USA

Eva Armengol


Bart Baesens

KU Leuven, Belgium

Isabelle Bichindaritz

University of Washington, USA

Leon Bobrowski

Bialystok Technical University, Poland

Marc Boullé

France Télécom, France

Henning Christiansen

Roskilde University, Denmark

Shirley Coleman

University of Newcastle, United Kingdom

Juan M. Corchado

Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

Antonio Dourado

University of Coimbra, Portugal

Peter Funk

Mälardalen University, Sweden

Brent Gordon

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

Gary F. Holness

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories, USA

Eyke Hüllermeier

University of Marburg, Germany

Piotr Jedrzejowicz

Gdynia Maritime University, Poland

Janusz Kacprzyk

Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

Mehmed Kantardzic

University of Louisville, USA

Ron Kenett

KPA Ltd., Israel

Mineichi Kudo

Hokkaido University, Japan

Eduardo F. Morales

INAOE, Ciencias Computacionales, Mexico

Stefania Montani

Università del Piemonte Orientale, Italy

Jerry Oglesby

SAS Institute Inc., USA

Eric Pauwels

CWI Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mykola Pechenizkiy

Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands

Ashwin Ram

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Tim Rey

Dow Chemical Company, USA

Rainer Schmidt

University of Rostock, Germany

Yuval Shahar

Ben Gurion University, Israel

David Taniar

Monash University, Australia

Stijn Viaene

KU Leuven, Belgium

Rob A. Vingerhoeds

Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Tarbes, France

Claus Weihs

University of Dortmund, Germany

Terry Windeatt

University of Surrey, UK

An industrial exhibition running in connection with the conference will give you the opportunity to look at new trends and systems in industry and to present your research to industry.

Paper submission

Paper submissions should be related but not limited to any of the following topics:

Applications of Data Mining in ...

  • Marketing
  • Medicine
  • E-Commerce (Mining Logfiles)
  • Biotechnology
  • Quality Management
  • Multimedia Data (Image, Video, Text, Signals)
  • Web-Mining
  • Intrusion Detection in Networks
  • Case-Based Reasoning
  • Clustering
  • Classification & Prediction
  • Association Rules
  • Telecommunication
  • Design of Experiment
  • Strategy of Experimentation
  • Capability Indices
  • Deviation and Novelty Detection
  • Control Charts
  • Design of Experiments
  • Capability Indices
  • Desirabilities

Authors can submit their paper in long or short version.

Long Paper
The paper must be formatted in the Springer LNCS format. They should have at most 15 pages. The papers will be reviewed by the program committee. Accepted long papers will be published by Springer Verlag in the LNAI Series in the book Advances in Data Mining, edited by Petra Perner.

Short Paper
Short papers are also welcome and can be used to describe work in progress or project ideas. They can have 5 to max. 15 pages, formatted in Springer LNCS format. Accepted short papers will be presented as poster in the poster session. They will be published in a special poster proceedings book.

Submissions of Short Papers Deadline extended to April 30, 2009

Industry Papers
We encourage industrial people to show their applications and projects for data mining. This work can be presented as poster during the poster session in the special industry track. Please submit a one page abstract including title, name and affilation.

Submission of Industry Papers Deadline extended to May 31, 2009

Please submit your Short Paper and your Industry Paper by e-mail to info@data-mining-forum.de
Notice that the submission is NOT the registration to the conference! Please fill out the registration form.

If you have any problem with the submission, please contact via email info@data-mining-forum.de.


Submission of papers extended:


Notification of acceptance:


Submission of camera-ready copy:



For the latest news as well as for the program of the previous ICDM and the publications within ICDM look at http://www.data-mining-forum.de.


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Advances in Data Mining

Special Issue
Appeared: 2006

Advances in Data Mining

IBaI Publishing
ISSN: 1865-6781

Advances in Data Mining

Springer Verlag
ISBN: 978-3540707172

Data Mining and Multimedia Data

Springer Verlag
ISBN: 3-540-00317-7



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