ICDM Tutorial

Six Sigma in Health Care Tutorial

July, 2009, Leipzig/Germany

Aims: Give a practical overview of six sigma, why it is important especially in health care, how it is developing worldwide, special aspects of data analysis methodologies, what to look out for in the health care application, case studies, practical examples, accreditation issues, plan of action, continuing professional development.


10.00 am Introductions and aims of the tutorial
10.15 am Six Sigma update including background and current trends
10.45 am Overview of DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control), SPC (Statistical Process Control) and Risk Management with emphasis on Data Analysis Methodologies
11.15 am What is special about Health Care and Patient Safety?
12.00 am Case study from the National Health Service in the UK
12.30 am Case study from Israel, IHI and SSM Health Care system in the US
01.00 pm How to select good Six Sigma projects - the prioritisation matrix
01.15 pm Lunch
01.45 pm What works and what can go wrong
02.00 pm Small group work applying the ideas to specific example Health Care issues
03.00 pm Close

Participants: practitioners, managers and statisticians interested in six sigma in Health Care

Quality Assurance: The tutorial is presented under the quality assurance of the ENBIS Academy. A certificate of attendance will be issued to all participants. ENBIS is the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (www.enbis.org)

Workshop trainers are:

Ron Kenett, pat President of ENBIS, CEO of KPA Ltd., Raanana, Israel and Professor at the University of Turin, Turin, Italy. Ron was a special consultant to SSM health care system, the first health care organization that won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in the US. He is Editor in Chief of the Wiley Encyclopaedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability.

Shirley Coleman, past President of ENBIS and Technical Director of ISRU at the University of Newcastle, Newcastle, UK, who has carried out six sigma training in the NHS as well as in manufacturing, process and financial sectors. She is Editor of the forthcoming book on Statistical Practice in Business and Industry, by J. Wiley and Sons


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