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2nd Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM´2002
13. 06. - 15. 06. 2002 Leipzig/Germany

Enhancing Experience Management with Mediation Support: The InDiGo Project

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Ulrike Becker-Kornstaedt1, Björn Decker, Andreas Klotz, Edda Leopold, Jörg Rech, Angi Voss, Fraunhofer-Institute IESE, Kaiserlautern, Fraunhofer–Institut für Autonome Intelligente Systeme (AIS), Schloss Birlinghoven/Germany

The business process models of organizations operating in the innovative software business are one of their major knowledge assets. However, these models need to be (a) constantly evaluated and hardened in the business of those organizations and (b) enhanced by further knowledge to make them operable.

The approach of the BMBF funded project InDiGo (Integrative Software Engineering using Discourse-Supporting Groupware) is to support this evaluation and enhancement offering members of an organization (a) to engage in discourses about the process models and their execution (communities of practice) and (b) by presenting process-related lessons learned, fitting to the current project context.

On the organizational level, finished discourses will be analyzed and summarized to improve process models and create new lessons learned. To achieve these objectives, InDiGo will develop an integrated, comprehensive set of methods and technical infrastructure as a joint effort of two Fraunhofer Institutes: Fraunhofer IESE (Institute for Experimental Software Engineering) in Kaiserslautern and Fraunhofer AiS (Autonomous Intelligent Systems) in Sankt Augustin.

The methods developed will result in an operative approach on how to moderate the discourses and include the discussion results in the process models (i.e., process learning). The InDiGo methods and tools create added value through the speed-up of innovation cycles by recording more information on processes in the form of discourses, participating more people, and further improving the use of the discourse results based on the preparation and wrap-up of the discourses using text mining and case-based reasoning.

Based on these approaches, the InDiGo project enhances current experience management approaches by providing a solution for integrating discussion results into an experience base, a repository for the reuse of experience.

The final InDiGo technical infrastructure will consist of the Zeno groupware tool of AiS, IESE’s experience management environment interests, tools for process modeling and publishing, as well as text mining of discourses. Both the developed methods and the InDiGo architecture will be evaluated in a practical case study.



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