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2nd Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM´2002
13. 06. - 15. 06. 2002 Leipzig/Germany

IT-Tools for the knowledge-management

Prof. Matthias Fank, Institut für e-Management

There is widespread agreement amongst theorists and practitioners that information technology (IT) constitutes an enabling but not driving force in Knowledge Management (KM).

As IT opens the door to Knowledge Management, we are faced by a series of questions: what does this door look like, which is the doorway for me, and how big a doorway do I require for my particular investigation?

Within a short amount of time, the number of suppliers rose to 800 registered products. Consequently, suppliers soon felt underrepresented in the database, whilst it became increasingly difficult for users to find their way around it. The demand for rankings and categorisations into the different functional areas of tools strengthened.

The classification schema developed by the Institute for e-Management and the experience gained from its use constitute the focus of this presentation. The high speed of tool development and the integration of additional functions represented significant hurdles for categorisation, resulting in increasing overlap in terms of functional scope.

Furthermore, the talk addresses trends and developments in the area of IT tools for Knowledge Management, and the speaker shares his own experience of using KM-tools.



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