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Comments from Participants of ICDM

Report ICDM´2007

It was my first time during last mid July attending the ICDM 2007 conference in Leipzig, Germany. I have participated in many conferences in the past spanning different issues of computer science and engineering, presenting and discussing several research proposals. Departing, however, from conference venues my first good impressions due to visiting new interesting places and meeting talented colleagues were soon superseded, nearly always, by feelings of lost time and impersonal environment as well with complaints about organization pitfalls.

Several days after my departure from ICDM 2007, arranging my thoughts, I have found myself to be overflowed with only positive feelings about this special event for data mining research. Starting from the beginning, the conference site was very friendly and informative while the reviewing process has been indispensable and quite deep. The author was always assisted in every step and very timely, always. The same personalized management followed me as a participant in the conference venue. First of all I felt Leipzig as one of the most beautiful and convenient places for conferences organization. Easy access to everywhere, rich history and all facilities for a presenter are there. Impressively well, the conference site was superb in offering all facilities to a two days very busy presenter as me, wanting to get the most from a conference.

I have been impressed by the very well organized invited talks as well as by the very good research works in case base reasoning and many other issues in industrial data mining. To be honest I have not found elsewhere such a rich and interesting programme regarding case base reasoning as in ICDM 2007. Moreover, some works in support vector machines and other aspects of artificial and computational intelligence have been much more thought provoking than many other ones found in more relevant international conferences. It was my pleasure to have a lot of deep discussions there with many interesting and knowledgeable colleagues about the previously mentioned and other subjects. The conference rooms were profoundly arranged as discussion places, and I was surprised finding myself attending as many sessions as possible, since I felt it has been a lively event, where all colleagues liked to discuss and not just announce their work. The organizers should be very proud of such an outcome and their superb work.

Conference tourism activities were also superb, although a presenter with a very busy schedule as me could not exploit all offerings.

As a conclusion I have been impressed so much with this excellent scientific event blaming only myself for not having more time to stay there and promising him to stay more during next ICDM enjoying such a fabulous conference!

Professor Dimitrios A. Karras
Chalkis Institute of Technology, Greece

Report ICDM´2004

I am on my way back from ICDM 2004 - one of the best conferences I attended in recent years. The quality of the presentations, the breath of the topics presented and the unique international composition of the audience makes it, in my opinion, one of the best events in the data mining community. In addition, your hospitality and history of Leipzig with Bach, Goethe, Mendelsohn, Teleman and Schiller in the background make the trip to Leipzig a wonderfull experience. It is my pleasure to recommend ICDM to researchers interested in solving real problems with data mining techniques.

Professor Ron S. Kenett
Senior Partner, KPA Ltd., Raanana, Israel

Report ICDM´2002

The Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM 2002 consisted of tutorial talks given by leading experts and discussion of case studies presented by qualified European Companies and Insitutions. I think that this combination has been very profitable for all the attendees. Those already experts in data mining had the opportunity to hear about a wide range of applications; those with a different know-how could deepen their knowledge about data mining philosophy, problems and tools. I have been very impressed by how thorougly the material was presented by the tutorial lecturers. I truly hope that the Leipzig Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Science will continue to offer this kind of Conference.

Carla Brambilla
Mathematics and Informatic Technologies of the Italian Research Council, Milan/Italy

Report ICDM´2001

This year's Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM 2001 has been a successful combination of seminar and exchange of ideas with international experts.

On the first day of the conference fundamentals and a deepened knowledge on data mining were conveyed to me in an illustrative way. This was so important because the professional background of the participants was very diverse. The product manager, the head of department and the adviser were assembled. Thus all of them could polish up their knowledge or deepen it. The referees, Mrs. Ahlemeyer-Stubbe and Dr. Perner, managed to present and convey the subject in an interesting and illustrative way.

On the second day international experts from Sweden, England, the United States, Switzerland and Japan reported on concrete fields of application of data mining. For me this was of particular interest because thus the versatility of the possibilities of application of data mining became clear to me. Data mining is used everywhere, be it in the recognition of texts, the support of medical analyses, the management of knowledge or the determination of the quality of water. Very exciting!

The conference ended with a lot of additional knowledge acquired, stimulations, contacts.

I am already looking forward to next year's meeting

Jan Gudehus



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